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We are a resource management and recruitment firm dedicated to provide talent allocation solutions to our clients.

Medial Group Corp. provides human resources strategies to fulfill current client demands in this new economy. The primary objective of our business strategy is to add value to the recruitment process, aligning with our clients with their cost reduction efforts, while providing effective resources allocation and outsourcing strategies.

We started our business providing consulting services to medical devices and pharmaceuticals in the scientific and technical disciplines. Eventually, Medial was transformed to an Employment Agency operation, providing hiring services, and recruiting resources for HR departments. Our consistent growth led us to recruit not only in the Manufacturing and Industrial sectors, but also in other business activities within Healthcare, Insurance, Sales and Marketing and Hospitality.

Medial Group provides a solution for the human resources challenges of our clients, supporting operations without affecting headcount in many instances. Strategically, the company provides consulting and leasing services, outsourcing of recruitment services, and hiring of fixed-term contract employees to fulfill our client demands.